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Monday, August 22, 2016 7:05 AM | Anonymous
The Nihon Fukushi University Affiliated High School has a blog through which they provide updates for all their various activities. This includes regular updates for the wadaiko club "Rakko," our hosts while in Mihama. Even as I was writing updates for this blog, they were posting daily on theirs!

The contents are in Japanese, so if you're able to read Japanese the blog provides a great alternate perspective on the trip. Unfortunately, I won't be translating these, but even if you don't read Japanese there are some great pictures that compliment what I took on the trip!

I've listed all posts below for easy access. However, you can navigate yourself from the first post if you'd like. Each post is numbered (1-18), and at the bottom of each post is a navigation bar with "next post" and "previous post" written in English. 

  1.  The Pittsburgh students have come to Japan!
  2. Visit the Mihama mayor's office! Performing at Uotaro!
  3. Exploring Mihama!
  4. Morning Joint Practice Start!
  5. Afternoon - Science Center & Participation in an Event Sponsored by the Aichi America-Japan Society
  6. Visiting Wadaiko Group "Shidara"
  7. Continued - Visiting Shidara
  8. Harvesting Blueberries
  9. Continuing Joint Practices
  10. Experiencing Tokoname Ceramic Art, & Shopping
  11. The 3rd Joint Practice
  12. Sencha Experience, & Field Trip to Minamichita Beachland
  13. Rehearsals Continue
  14. Japan-America Joint Recital, Part 1
  15. Japan-America Joint Recital, Part 2
  16. Japan-America Joint Recital, Part 3
  17. The Japan-America Joint Recital Ends
  18. Moved by the Pittsburgh High School Student's Tearful Words

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